Saturday, 2 January 2016

Tips for First Date on Valentine's day for Woman

You are about to go first time on date with handsome guy, but with excitement you have some nervousness like what to talk , what to wear you didn't get any ideas so you are totally confuse Right? Here you don't need to fear. Well just few easy tips can make your date memorable. What you need to do is just be careful about do and don't. Because there is saying like first impression is the last impression.

Don't be silent:
Going on date it doesn't mean that female has to be silent and male has to only speak, generally it is found that boys love those girls who are talkative. For example when he asks you what will like to have in dinner? Then don't be silent and don't leave that decision on him. Share your likes and dislikes with him openly. Believe me he will love to know your likes and dislikes.

Be Comfortable:

Every one try to look best on date right..! No matter whether they are He or She. But be careful not to be Ridiculous, many times many females tries to look extraordinary by over efforts. Efforts in the sense.... 
Wearing 5 inches high heel footwear: If you are not comfortable with high heel footwear simply don't wear it, If you do so than you will find very difficulties in walking 
Wearing transparent and uncomfortable clothing: If you are wear such clothing in which you didn't families with... than in that case your mind will be busy in adjusting it. You are there for romance with your partner not with your cloths right... So wear only that clothes which gives you comfortable.  
Be on Time:

It is very old trend where by female reach late on time and makes him in wait. It is very old and umbrage concept never and ever does that by that way your first impression will be very bad. No one likes to wait for longer for anyone, think of you by putting yourself in that situation. Believe me by reaching on time you will be able to gain good image in mind of him as time and punctuality represents your lifestyle. If you are able to do that than he will might be going to think about to Proceed relationship forward.

Accompany in Dinner:

Most of the males are as cools and comfortable as like in their routing life on their first date. But in case of female she will get too much unconformable by just single thought about first date also she Hesitate in Eating and drinking. But if you thinking that by not having lunch or dinner you will create your image about diet conscious, feet, straightforward & calm than sorry to tell you that It is not like that at all. Instead, male will feel unforgettable. So be careful about that.

Refrain from excessive Drink:

Specifically, we must realize that whether it's our first date or second always drink up to a limit. By refrain Drinking, talking lazier, weeping & laughing Man will tolerate it at that time but believe me that he never like that at all. So to start talk taking drink is okay but by over drink your mood will also get even worse and yes defiantly your first impression too.

Give attention on yourself:

Whether it is office or home, female always have habit of prone to look in the mirror, but in date by mistake also don't do that. By adjusting hair, lipsticks etc might be he will get irritated. Just go to the Touch-Up and relax. Rather than wasting time in this entire think, it is better to have talk on such topic discussion which is interesting by nature. There is no doubt that men prefer beautiful girls, but beauty with brain he likes the most. Before going on date check your manicure, pedicure, eyebrow and nail polish.

Keep the phone away:

The most important thing, which male and female always ignores that is getting busy with cell phone on date. Some time showing busyness or to hide nervousness some girls start playing with her mobile, along with this in each two - two minutes checking mobiles, it is really very very irritating. Someone love to talk with you and you are looking on your mobile screen, believe me he will gets totally uncomfortable. If you don't know from where to start, how to start than you can begins with the joke from your WhatsApp massage, but after that Lets just put your cell phone on side more. While talking it is essential to have eye contacts it is very good sign for successful date.

Never and Ever Talk about Other Man:

Never and ever talk about the past dating and relationship related discussion. Yes defiantly he want to know about your past but he will never like to heard about your past relationship.. It’s not time to discuss about that on date. So never talk about such topic. If your partner wants to know about it than explain it very briefly doesn’t get in-depth. Sharing your office work and tell about your achievements that attract man quickly towards you.

Ask Questions too:

However, in date there are lots of things to do. The main thing is to give comfort feeling to each other. Be calm and quiet represents your femininity; do not think that at all. Ask and learn about him openly. Know about their work, family, habits, culture, his likes and dislikes. Believe me he will like it too much that you are involving yourself to know more about his family & friends as you are start involving yourself with them too. But be careful never ask questions about their money, bank balance and salary.

Talk directly and to the points:

Most of the men are easily predict whether female's words and expression are fake or real. But it doesn't mean that female share all the things about her personal life to him on the first meet. Always keep in mind that how you represent all the things, matters a lot in the mind of your partner. I know everyone too much serious about their future and relationship, I also know you too serious about it just what you need to do is you have to reassure in his mind.

Ask for bill: 

Generally it’s a responsibility of man to pay even for movie & long drive and other. But if you show your willingness to pay money than he will be create positive impression that you are sharing responsibility. If he pay for dinner than you may buy movie tickets. Buy this way that guy will surly want to meet you again because he loves independent girl.  

Time to Share Gift.

Valentine's day must be memorable for years and years..Gift is a medium for by which both are recalling that event when it comes in front of the eye.  For long-lasting Relationship gifts really play very important roll, So don't forget to bring gift for him on your date.

Don't forget to Message: 

Smart phone, Whatsapp, Facebook has changed the communication era; we have to use it wisely. Once you reach to your home or hostel after dates gets over, without wasting a single second just send a sort message of Thanks. Don't wait for his reply first, If you are happy than you have to take initiation. 

By applying this easy and simple tips your date not only being memorable but also you create sound impress in your partner's mind. May be possible by considering this little thing good relationship may begin. 

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