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Redlaw Sauce Co. and G.A.P.! Inside the Partnership

Redlaw Sauce Co. is the brainchild of Founder Justin Chinchen. Justin is a veteran chef (over 20 years in the industry) and is a foodie at heart. His love for all things barbecue inspired him to create his own line of BBQ and Hot Sauces. His sauces have unique flavor profiles, all-natural ingredients, and are handcrafted utilizing small-batch processing techniques. Some of Redlaw’s offerings include Whiskey and Sweet Cherry BBQ Sauce (with a shot of whiskey in each bottle!), Serrano Apricot BBQ Sauce, Blueberry Ghost Pepper BBQ Sauce, and a series of hot sauces ranging from medium to fiery hot (Redlaw’s Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce is not for the faint of heart!). All of Redlaw’s sauces make excellent pairings with G.A.P. 5-Step certified meats. Try Redlaw’s Blackberry Pomegranate BBQ Sauce with G.A.P. 5-Step rated chicken to add a little flare to your Memorial Day BBQ or think ahead for a unique Thanksgiving turkey dinner! Yum!

Redlaw has recently joined forces with G.A.P. to offer its customers the opportunity to give back with each purchase of one of its sauces. Redlaw donates 5% of its profits from each purchase to G.A.P. to help support its sustainable ranching and farming initiatives. Redlaw is passionate about environmental integrity, sustainability, and nurturing the communities that enjoy its products. What better way to demonstrate these values than a partnership with G.A.P.?

Global Animal Partnership is extremely excited to be partnering with Redlaw! Their sauces are made with wholesome, natural ingredients and have delicious and unique flavor profiles. It is the perfect compliment to the kick-off of the summer! Grab your G.A.P. 5-Step Rated burgers, dogs, chicken, and more and get grilling with G.A.P. and Redlaw!

Redlaw is proud of the products it makes and is extremely excited about supporting the important work G.A.P. undertakes. At Redlaw, it truly does taste great to give back! To learn more about Redlaw or to purchase some of its fine sauces visit