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Redlaw Sauce Co. Allies with Global Animal Partnership: BBQ, hot sauce maker to donate five percent of profits to G.A.P.

By April 1, 2016May 26th, 2021Archives

AUSTIN, TEXAS (May 3, 2016) – Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.), creator of North America’s most comprehensive farm animal welfare standards, announced today a strategic partnership with Redlaw Sauce Co., a Colorado-based artisan BBQ sauce company, in which five percent of its profits are donated to G.A.P.’s farm animal welfare efforts, effective immediately.

“At Redlaw, we’re passionate about environmental integrity, sustainability, treating animals with respect, and nurturing the communities that enjoy our products,” said chef and Redlaw sauce founder Justin Chinchen. “What better way to demonstrate these values than a partnership with G.A.P.?”

Currently, there are more than 2,800 farms and ranches certified under G.A.P.’s 5-Step Animal Welfare Standards program. These standards spell out specific practices that promote farm animal welfare, and prohibit certain practices such as the use of cages, crates, and stalls. Some standards also help contribute to sustainable farming efforts. For example, ensuring pasture coverage for livestock through rotational grazing and responsible management of pastures during the non-growing season to help mitigate soil erosion.

“We’re excited to team up with Justin and Redlaw Sauce Co.,” said Anne Malleau, G.A.P. executive director. “This generous commitment will help us continue our work to improve the lives of millions of farm animals each year.”

Redlaw Sauces are sold in Whole Foods Market and specialty stores throughout Colorado. Beginning this month, the entire line of Redlaw BBQ and hot sauces will have the G.A.P. logo included on its product packaging.

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