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4 Easy Breakfast Ideas that #MakeItGAP

By October 17, 2018October 28th, 2019Audience: Everyone, G.A.P. Meal Ideas
#MakeItGAP Sausage for Breakfast

Feel Good About the Meat You Eat

Now that the kids are back in school and parents are working on getting everyone fed and out of the door on time each morning, we want to share some breakfast ideas, including meat, that are quick, easy and Global Animal Welfare certified. We know our community wants to make better food choices for their families, while also supporting brands that are improving the lives of farm animals. See four breakfast ideas below, featuring some of the many G.A.P. certified meat products ideal for breakfast.


Sausage, Oats & Fruit

Cook a G.A.P. certified sausage, like Bilinski’s Chicken Sausage. Serve with steel cut oats and fresh fruit, like cantaloupe, strawberries or blueberries. Drizzle with a tiny bit of honey or maple syrup if your kids need a sweeter taste. Bilinski’s sausages are pre-cooked and heat up in no time. They also come in a wide variety of flavors, such as, Italian with Bell Peppers and Onion. Look for them in the refrigerated area of the meat department in your local grocery store.


Nature's Rancher Pork Bacon - G.A.P. Certified

Nature’s Rancher Pork Bacon – G.A.P. Certified

Pork Bacon & Boiled Eggs

Cook G.A.P. certified pork bacon, like Nature’s Rancher (by Pederson’s) and serve along with hard, boiled eggs. For easy peel eggs, bring your water to a boil and then add eggs. Boil for nine minutes and transfer directly into an ice water bath for at least 10 minutes. Save time by cooking the bacon in the microwave and boiling eggs the day before. Look for Nature’s Rancher bacon in the bacon area of the meat department in your local grocery store.


Egg and Beef Bacon Cups. Photo by @HealthyHomeHelp

Welshire Farms Beef Bacon - G.A.P. Certified

Welshire Farms Beef Bacon – G.A.P. Certified

Egg and Beef Bacon Cups

Cook G.A.P. certified beef bacon, like Wellshire Farms Smoked Sliced Uncured Beef Bacon. Use a base of six eggs mixed together with ½ cup of milk and ½ tsp of salt. Add six slices of cooked bacon broken into pieces and a cup of diced peppers or cup of spinach to your mix. Bake in muffin tins at 375 F degrees for 25 minutes. Look for Wellshire Farms bacon in the bacon area of the meat department in your local grocery store.


Eggs, Sausage and Avocado with G.A.P.-Certified Meat

Eggs, Sausage and Avocado with G.A.P.-Certified Meat. Photo by @HealthyHomeHelp

Eggs, Sausage & Avocado

Cook a G.A.P. certified sausage, such as 365 Breakfast Sausage, and serve with sunny side up eggs and sliced avocado. Find 365 brand sausage products at your local Whole Foods Market.


If you’re new to G.A.P., we’re a labeling program and a non-profit organization that sets the standard for how farm animals are raised. We positively impact the lives of over 300 million farm animals each year through the creation and execution of our comprehensive standards program: G.A.P.’s 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program. The program assigns ratings to G.A.P.-certified meat products to signal to consumers the way in which the animal was raised. Every single product with a G.A.P. label has come from an individual farm that has been visited by a third-party auditor to make sure it meets all of our rigorous standards. In fact, more than 100 requirements have to be met just to be certified as Step 1! G.A.P. makes sure that:

  • Every farm is audited, even farms that market within a larger supplier group;
  • Audits occur every 15 months; and
  • Farms are audited in every season (over four certification cycles).

Learn more about G.A.P. and products that meet our standards here:

Tell us below in the comments section or use the hashtag, #MakeItGAP, on social media to share some of your favorite breakfast ideas that include G.A.P. animal welfare rated meats.